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Patient Information

The following videos are provided to instruct users on the basic operation of the Picostim system. These videos are not intended to replace your user guide and are offered as an addendum only.

Please note that shown in the videos is our 2nd generation patient controller.  The original patient controller is functionally identical with only the following key physical differences.  On the original controller:

  • the indicator lights are above the screen rather than to the side;
  • the “wave” and “star” symbols on the left and right menu buttons are absent;
  • the two cable connectors are not recessed as they are in the 2nd generation controller.

Please consult the user guide or contact your DBS clinician should you require additional support.

Getting to Know Your Picostim System

Linking Your Patient Controller to Your Picostim IPG

Starting, Stopping and Adjusting Stimulation

Recharging the Picostim System

Changing Programs