Our Mission

To revolutionise the treatment of cerebrovascular and neurodegenerative diseases where there is no effective drug therapy available today. 

Diseases of cerebrovascular origins such as resistant hypertension, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia rank alongside cancer as one of the greatest healthcare challenges faced by humanity, affecting one in three in later life.

Currently, there are no efficient drugs or treatment proven to modify the course of these diseases. Bioinduction will develop a precisely targetted brain pacemaker that offers new hope for the millions of sufferers.

As Wired Health reports: “the future of medication isn’t drugs and their countless side effects but electrical implants!”



people across the
world have hypertension



are not managed
by drugs



die annually worldwide from heart disease and stroke caused by high blood pressure

The Solution

New brain targets identified

Cerebrovascular diseases have one thing in common: a reduction in the cerebral blood flow.

Bioinduction has developed and patented a new treatment that restores normal blood flow to the brain.

Skull-mounted brain pacemaker

To give millions of people access to this treatment, we have developed Picostim, a miniaturised brain pacemaker, which is small enough to be skull-mounted.

Picostim is a third of the size of current devices and can be implanted in half the time.

potential to improve live of millions of people


We have a strong and experienced team to deliver our mission. We all have experience in medical device design and clinical investigations and are continually building our expert team to accelerate our product development and continue to develop the clinical evidence.

Ivor Gillbe

Chairman & Founder

Founded and successfully exited two companies:
Optimised Control Ltd and Motionbase Plc.

Nik Patel

Clinical Director

Senior neurosurgical consultant, key opinion leader in DBS and other neuromodulation therapies.

Helene Viatge


10 years’ experience in Medical devices sales and product launches

Jon Ottaway

Technical Director

15 years’ experience in medical devices software and hardware development.

John Spensley

Manufacturing Director

20 years’ experience in manufacturing of implantable medical devices and quality control.

Anton Jenkins

Non-exec Director

Chief Operating Officer Clinigen Group and key advisor to the Bioinduction board.
Work with us

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Parkinson’s human trial of Picostim

We are expecting to launch our first in-man clinical investigation of Picostim for late-stage Parkinson’s patients.


Pilot study on Hypertension

Formalisation of long running research work on hypertension DBS targets. The first approved pilot study is launched with a small cohort of patients and gave highly encouraging results.


OEM Partnership with Big pharma

Purchase of 38 pre-CE Picostim System by a major pharmaceutical company for research use. This generated over £450k in revenue and provided invaluable validation of the technology.


Manufacturing site acquired

Purchase of a controlling interest in Finetech Medical Limited, the only UK based company with a clean room approved under the Active Implantable Medical Devices Directive (AIMDD).


Innovate UK grant awarded

Bioinduction receive a Technology Strategy Board (Innovate UK) award for our Picostim product for late‐stage Parkinson’s disease.


Started Picostim development


Based on Acticare development, Bioinduction commenced development of an innovative deep brain stimulation device, Picostim, that is skull-mounted to increase neurosurgical productivity and improve safety.


15000 Acticare shipped


Through our Bristol, UK and Brisbane, Australia based offices, we reached £3 million in revenue from Acticare sales.


Market launch of Acticare


Bioinduction first product, the Acticare Transcutaneous Spinal Electroanalgesia (TSE) device for management of chronic pain is launched.


Bioinduction Founded

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