Implanted system

The implanted components include the IPG and Bioinduction leads along with various surgical accessories including a milling template, space model, anchor, optional ferrule and torque driver.

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Wireless Charging

Picostim is inductively recharged using a combined patient controller and charger. This is normally delivered via a charging coil designed to be attached inside a baseball style cap for easy positioning. If the coil is not available, the patient controller will also charge the IPG by holding it over the implant site.

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Compact wireless patient controller

The combined wireless patient controller and charger is used to manually adjust stimulation power and can charge Picostim up to three times before it requires charging via its USB connector.

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Easy-to-use physician programming

The combined patient controller and charger is connected to a touch screen PC to allow wireless programming. The stimulation can be easily moved using visual dragging to change its focus and field potentials displayed graphically.

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Can I have a Picostim DBS now?

Picostim does not yet have regulatory approval. Therefore it is only available to selected patients as part of an upcoming UK clinical trial.

Advanced Features

Miniaturisation without comprising functionality:

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Picostim is able to control the output of each lead electrode: This allows the physician to precisely steer and focus the position of stimulation and is made far easier with an intuitive drag and drop facility within the programming software.

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Picostim can monitor the local field potentials generated by nerve activity in the deep brain to a high resolution: In PD the characteristic range of neural frequencies can identify the target to verify electrode placement. This is done wirelessly to an external PC at any time after implantation and used to assist in monitoring disease progression.



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Whilst developing Picostim, a key focus has been innovations that permit miniaturisation whilst retaining full functionality. Depending on the duty cycle, we anticipate charging to be required only on a weekly basis.

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Despite its small size, Picostim incorporates features not available in other devices such as control of stimulation based on a schedule (for example day and night) or potentially via its motion detection capabilities.