The Bioinduction group is a medical device business that designs and manufactures unique neuromodulation devices

About us


Bioinduction introduced its first product in 2005 and sold 13,000 ‘Acticare’ Transcutaneous Spinal Electroanalgesia (TSE) devices for chronic pain through our Bristol, UK and Brisbane, Australia based offices.  Development on our ultra compact Picostim DBS device commenced in 2008, and in 2011 we decided to focus solely on implantable devices.


We are a privately held business backed by the directors and angel investors comprising clinicians and pharmaceutical entrepreneurs, and grants from the UK government. In addition to our wholly owned Australian subsidiary, Bioinduction has a majority stake in Finetech Medical Limited, our manufacturer.


Clinical and product development including electronic and mechanical engineering is carried out by Bioinduction Ltd in the UK. Our software development is handled by our Australian facility.


Certified to the ISO EN13485 quality standard and approved for the manufacture of class III medical devices under the EU Active Implantable Medical Device Directive (AIMDD), Finetech Medical carries out final assembly.


Bioinduction has a mature management team, with strong expertise in medical devices, regulatory affairs and technology start-ups, and crucially in scaling up.




We have research in progress on new exciting indications where the Picostim platform can be deployed.